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Florida Employee Leasing has been one of the fastest growing business resources in Florida for the past several years. As your company grows it may experience problems that distract and slow down your company’s ability to expand. Problems such as workers compensation claim filings, payroll preparation, and tax filings can occupy valuable sales and production time. Many of these time consuming chores can be eliminated through the use of a Florida PEO ( Professional Employer Organization ) service. Additionally, Employee Leasing can offer your employees health insurance, dental, vision, 401K, and many other valuable benefits.

Regardless of size, Florida Employee Leasing Services offer your company all the benefits normally enjoyed by only larger companies. Your company will have the luxury and power of a full scale human resource and payroll department at its service. By having these Employee Leasing Services at your disposal, you can begin to focus your time on more valuable things such as building your business and watching it grow. We will also save your company money in the process.

360 Business Solutions
360 Business Solutions is an aggressive Florida based marketing group devoted to helping you become successful in today's business world. Our attention is always focused on lowering your overall operating cost and saving your company every dollar possible.
Not only are we focused on saving your company money, but also on providing you with the highest quality services available in today's market. We offer you Florida Employee Leasing at its very best, including professional administrative assistance, Workers Compensation coverage, payroll administration, tax filings, garnishments of all types, and a complete benefits package including health, dental, vision, and 401K plans. We also lower your overall operating cost in the process.
360 Business Solutions will quickly and professionally ensure the handling of certificates of insurance, workers compensation claim procedures, and answering any PEO related questions that you may have.
We stand behind Our Mission: “360 Business Solutions is committed to providing our customers with personalized service that is equaled by none and putting our client’s needs before our own." Your company will be treated as if you were our only client.
What is Employee Leasing ?

Employee Leasing Services are services offered by a Professional Employer Organization ( PEO ) that provide an integrated and cost effective approach to the management and administration of the human resources and employer risk of its clients, by contractually assuming substantial employer responsibilities and risk, through the establishment and maintenance of a co-employer relationship with the client company employees.
Typically, the Professional Employer Organization will legally hire a companies current employees, thereby making the PEO the "employer of record" for taxation and insurance purposes. Subsequently, the employees are leased back to the original employer (now client) under a co-employment contract, which sets out the powers, responsibly and liabilities of the parties. This practice is also known as Florida employee leasing or staff leasing
The PEO then assumes responsibility for all payroll obligations, workers compensation coverage and tax filings.

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